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General Power of Attorney Form (NSW)

A general power of attorney allows an individual (a Principal) to nominate one or more persons (referred to as an attorney) to act on the Principal's behalf. A general power of attorney gives the attorney the authority, if the Principal chooses, to manage the Principal's legal and financial affairs, including buying and selling real estate, shares and other assets for the Principal, operating the Principal's bank accounts, and spending money on the Principal's behalf.

How this document can help your clients

A general power of attorney is an important document that can be used by people to provide legal authority to others (known as Attorneys) to take care of financial affairs on their behalf. Powers of attorney are commonly used by people who wish to avoid financial paperwork, and who for other reasons wish to appoint others to look after their legal and financial affairs. 

Please note that unlike an enduring power of attorney, a general power of attorney ceases if the principal loses mental capacity after the execution of a general power of attorney. An attorney under a general power of attorney also cannot make decisions about the principal's lifestyle or health. These decisions can only be made by a guardian (whether an enduring guardian appointed by the principal or a guardian appointed by the Civil and Administrative Tribunal or the Supreme Court).

What it includes

This General Power of Attorney Form includes:
  • ​Customisable clauses specifying when the General Power of Attorney will come into effect, such as immediately, on and from a certain date, when the principal is overseas or (or any other circumstances that are entered by you or your client into the wizard);
  • Clauses enabling the appointment of attorneys and substitute attorneys;
  • Clauses enabling the attorneys to be appointed jointly or jointly and severally;
  • Clauses which restrict and define the ambit of the powers conferred on the Attorneys;
  • ​Clauses providing the Attorneys with additional powers to use monies and assets to pay for reasonable living and medical expenses; and
  • Customisable signature and witness execution blocks.

How does it work?

Using our powerful document generation engine, Contract Instructor generates and customises legal documents using the responses that clients provide in completing our online wizard.

What you get

A report with the client's responses to the questionnaire together with the document that has been generated using your client's responses to the wizard. The document will be provided in Microsoft Word format for you to review and edit, as you consider necessary.

How much does it cost?

You charge your client whatever you consider appropriate for the legal document but pay us only $29.95 plus GST per document for using our wizard. The time you save using our wizard will makes drafting legal documents using Contract Instructor a complete game changer for your legal practice.

Payment only upon wizard completion

If the wizard is not completed, you don't pay anything. Once you or your client completes the wizard, you will be notified by email and sent a request to pay our fee of $29.95 plus GST. Upon payment you will receive a report with the client's responses to the questionnaire together with the document that has been generated using your client's responses to the wizard.

Frequently asked questions
When you generate the wizard, sample text will be created for you to copy and paste into an email to your client, which includes a link to the wizard. If you would like to complete the wizard yourself instead of sending it to your client, you can certainly do so. You can access the wizard by clicking on the link.
Yes, you will be provided with the generated document in Microsoft Word format

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