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Husband and Wife Will

This Husband and Wife Will is a will that individuals can use to outline how they wish their estate to be distributed after they pass away. It can be used to communicate instructions on the distribution of the estate, digital assets, pets, medical and funeral instructions, donations and bequests and confirms executor powers.

How this document can help your clients

A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that communicates a testator's instructions in relation to their assets. Such instructions relate to the appointment of an executor to execute the will, instructions in relation to any donations, digital assets, donations, bequests, apportioning of the estate to spouses and children or other third parties, medical instructions and funeral instructions.

What it includes

Among other things, this Husband and Wife Will includes:

  • Provisions revoking all former testamentary dispositions/wills made by the testator;
  • Customisable provisions ​setting out the details of any appointed executor(s);
  • Provisions establishing trusts for minor beneficiaries;
  • Customisable provisions setting out distributions of donations, bequests and allocation of the estate;
  • Provisions confirming the powers of the appointed executor(s)
  • Provisions setting out medical, pet caretaking and funeral instructions;
  • Provisions setting out survivorship periods and vesting ages.

How does it work?

Using our powerful document generation engine, Contract Instructor generates and customises legal documents using the responses that clients provide in completing our online wizard.

What you get

A report with the client's responses to the questionnaire together with the document that has been generated using your client's responses to the wizard. The document will be provided in Microsoft Word format for you to review and edit, as you consider necessary.

How much does it cost?

You charge your client whatever you consider appropriate for the legal document but pay us only $29.95 plus GST per document for using our wizard. The time you save using our wizard will makes drafting legal documents using Contract Instructor a complete game changer for your legal practice.

Payment only upon wizard completion

If the wizard is not completed, you don't pay anything. Once you or your client completes the wizard, you will be notified by email and sent a request to pay our fee of $29.95 plus GST. Upon payment you will receive a report with the client's responses to the questionnaire together with the document that has been generated using your client's responses to the wizard.

Frequently asked questions
When you generate the wizard, sample text will be created for you to copy and paste into an email to your client, which includes a link to the wizard. If you would like to complete the wizard yourself instead of sending it to your client, you can certainly do so. You can access the wizard by clicking on the link.
Yes, you will be provided with the generated document in Microsoft Word format

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