Frequently Asked Questions

Contract Instructor allows lawyers to collect instructions via easy to use online wizards. The instructions provided to the wizards are used to automatically generate legal documents

Getting Started

How to select a document

Contract Instructor gives you access to all of the documents in our Precedent Library. Visit our Precedent Library to select a precedent from our wide range of documents.

How to create a wizard

Once you have selected the document you wish to generate, click "Create Wizard" for that document. A form will display which requires you to enter brief details about your firm and the client. This information will be used to generate a sample email with a unique link to an online instructions wizard for you to send to your client.

How to send the wizard to a client

When you create the wizard, a sample email will be created for you to send to your client. Simply copy and paste the sample text into an email and send it to your client.

How much does it cost to create the wizard?

It doesn't cost anything for you to create the wizard or send a wizard to a client. Payment is only required following completion of the wizard. We charge a flat fee of $29.95 + GST to access a report with the responses to the wizard and the generated document.

How much does it cost the client?

We don't charge any fee for the client to complete the wizard. You can charge your client whatever price you negotiate with your client to draft the document.

Can I send out multiple wizards?

Yes, you can generate a wizard for each client matter

Completing the wizard

Commencement of the wizard

The wizard can be commenced by clicking on the link that is created when you create the wizard.

How to save progress and finish later

There is a "Finish Later" button that can be clicked on at any time during the wizard. To resume the wizard, the client can click on the same link that was created when you created the wizard

What if a client has trouble completing the wizard?

From time to time, clients may be unable to answer questions because they need your help or because they don't yet have the required information. Only mandatory questions (marked with an asterisk) need to be completed. Clients can leave comments for any question that they need help completing.

How to answer questions that a client had trouble completing

If a client leaves a comment for you, you will be sent an email with a report highlighting those questions with the client's comments and a link that allows you to complete the wizard for the client.

Can I complete the wizard instead of my client?

Yes, if you would prefer to complete the wizard you can do so.

Completion of the Wizard

After the questions are completed, the "Complete" button needs to be pressed to confirm completion. This button is displayed after the last question in the wizard.

Obtaining the generated document

How to generate the document

The document will be automatically generated for you once the wizard is completed.

When can I download the generated document?

After the wizard is completed and you have paid our fee, you can immediately download the generated document. The document will be generated using the responses that were provided to the wizard.

How to download the generated document

The document will be made available for you to download after you have paid our fee. It will also be attached to an email to you.

Can I edit the generated document?

Yes, the document will be sent to you in Microsoft Word format. You can edit the document before sending it to the client.